What is more important? The date or the memories?

Wedding publications are saying that a Friday wedding is the hot new trend as it allows all of your guests to hang out together for the rest of the weekend. Fridays are also less expensive and do not inconvenience guests that may have other plans for the weekend. Rather than a 6:00 to 11:00 on Saturday, consider a 6:30 to 11:30 on Friday. Maybe add a brunch for your closest friends the following Saturday. Our daughter said the day after brunch was her favorite part because she could actually relax with her friends.
If you skipped us because you were looking for a Saturday that was still open, please come by and look at us for a Friday. We promise you that a Friday at The McPherson will certainly outshine a Saturday at a lesser venue.

Winter weddings can be even more beautiful than summer. Because the temperatures are cooler, your guests tend to dress nicer. Men will wear jackets rather than just shirts and women have more comfortable and fashionable options. Our outside bar has drop down sides and heaters so that it can be used even when it is cold outside. Daylight savings time means all of our outdoor lights look fabulous even at the start of your event. Winter rates are also lower so you can spend more on things that your guests will really remember such as a band instead of a DJ or a photo booth. Also consider a black tie New Years Eve wedding, they are fabulous. Wouldn’t you prefer to have a beautiful winter Saturday wedding that everyone remembers and talks about, rather than a peak season Saturday night wedding at an unmemorable hall that people quickly forget.